Sacramento Businesses Face Adversity During Long Months of Pandemic


Foothill Forum

New outdoor seating to accommodate health guidelines

Jamie Knight, Staff Writer

During Covid-19, many businesses and their workers in the Sacramento area have been affected by  Sacramento County public health guidelines.

Many people have lost their jobs because of  businesses closing temporarily. Many of these people still do not have jobs. An employee named Sarah (last name not given), who works at Zumiez in Arden Fair Mall, said, “Employees that got furlough were mainly people who were part-time workers.”

“We worked in the store and fulfilled online orders,” Sarah continued. “It was basically the same amount of people buying that would normally come in personally. We then started to do curbside pickup. It was more difficult because we had to carry a lot of things to specific doors, and couldn’t have too many employees working to fulfill orders due to the 6 feet apart order.” 

Another location in the mall, Body Jewlz, which is a tattoo and piercing shop, was also affected by Covid-19. Employees  said  county health department is temporarily banning them from doing anything that requires taking customers’ masks off. From the beginning of the stay-at-home order, they had closed down completely which affected employees’ income. 

Many restaurants were also affected by Covid-19. Chick-Fil-A on Madison Ave., was also affected by Covid-19. The business went from doing dine-in food to only drive-through, carry-out and delivery. 

Movie theaters have also been affected by Covid-19. Some theaters have started reopening and are having reduced auditorium seating. Though many consumers believe it is a great idea to reduce seating in theaters, people still are having second thoughts about how safe it would be to go to see a movie. 

AMC theatres, on the company’s  website, says that masks are to be worn at all times. There will also be directional signs and reminders posted throughout the theatre for guidelines.