One Odd Halloween

How Sacramento Stays Spooky During a Pandemic

Trevor Beller, Editor


With a taste of the virus still rich on our tongue, a question lingered about Sacramento as we approached Halloween: What’s a COVID-19 Halloween look like? Luckily, that question was answered both by our own community and by our county.

“This year, it is important to stay in your own neighborhood to celebrate Halloween. Do not travel to other neighborhoods to trick-or-treat,” said Sacramento County Public Health in a recent document detailing the safety precautions for Halloween. Alongside basic COVID-19 prevention practices, the SCPH recommended a multitude of methods to keep you and your family safe while still enjoying the holiday, including decorating your facemask and moving the candy operation from the front doorstep to the driveway.

 Even with the solemn demand for safety, the SCPH still encouraged Sacramento residents to “Celebrate creatively this year!” So they did! Local businesses organized small “Trunk or Treat” events where families could drive through with their little ones and pick up some Halloween sweets on various corners around town. House parties were substituted with virtual events, replacing the typical crowded get-together with a comfortable Zoom-powered hangout. The sentiment of Halloween lived on and lived through the citizens of Sacramento.

“It’s reinventing Halloween completely,” says Lucille Snyder, a local resident, “…to keep kids and parents safe.” Lucille spent her Halloween indoors with her grandchildren and their parents. “They all did things like carve pumpkins at home, decorated the house… They had a good time — costumes and all that.” Though trick-or-treaters still roamed a few neighborhoods, this year’s Halloween was definitely dominated by alternative options. 

“At my home, I got 0 trick-or-treaters. It’s just mixed: what people choose to do with their children,” Lucille said. Despite the new status quo, Lucille and many other citizens seemed to be comfortable with the change in plans. “They made it so much fun; they had a pizza party and a dance party… They loved it just as much as going out trick-or-treating, if not more.”