FHS Suffers From Major Vandalism

Marian Raya Paredes, Staff Writer

Refurbishing the library (Foothill Forum)

On Oct. 2, multiple buildings at Foothill High School were vandalized by an unidentified male who was arrested on the scene. 

Heather King, the principal, said she became aware of the incident around 3:30-4 a.m. the same morning.

“I got a phone call from the head of facilities to let us know that there had been significant vandalism, and I needed to come into work as soon as possible,” King said. “By the time I got here, a lot of the work to start cleaning up was already happening, so really it was just my job to kind of go through to see if anything had been stolen.”

The cafeteria, the office facing the main quad, and the C-wing were the main targets of the vandalism, but the majority of the damage occurred in the library.

Emily Edmond, the librarian, said the damage in the library building was extensive.

“All of the computers were ripped out and their monitors damaged,” Edmond said. “The books and paper and materials that had been on the tables were on the ground and there was a big, black ink stain on the carpet. The glass in the windows was also missing by the time I got there. The copiers were in the library, and there were tables with a mass of broken technology on top.”

Although the school suffered a major amount of vandalism, nothing was reported to be stolen. Despite the amount of damage to the library, King and the rest of the school administration are keeping a positive mindset. 

“Although it’s a bad thing, it also gives us now a chance to redo the library so that it can be a better place when (students) do come back,” King said.

Edmond has a number of ideas when it comes to refurbishing the library.

“Right now we are in the planning stages,” Edmond said. “The idea is to have a café and study rooms, and fun furniture. The floor will be new, and the walls will have a fresh coat of paint.”

As for the unidentified male suspect, he was taken into custody when the police arrived at the scene.