School Opening Back Up?

Briana Shelvin, Staff Writer

On Aug. 18, students in the Twin Rivers Unified School District began their first day of school from the safety and comfort of their homes because of the Covid-19 pandemic. After months of online schooling, the district had announced that schools were going to be reopened on Jan. 19 for in-person schooling. But because of a resurgence in Covid-19 cases, that re-opening has been delayed.

The plan for the Jan. 19 reopening was for parents to have the option for their child to have online school for the  remainder of the year, or to return to an in-person schedule. But some, or most, students may prefer to stay home for online schooling.

If school were to reopen I would not go back to school,” junior Amorina Martinez said. “Personally, going back to in-person school would mess me up big time as I would have to then get used to the schedule.”

Some students at Foothill want to come back, but some are willing to stay safe  by staying home and doing distance learning. 

‟I will be staying online because it’s much easier for me to do my work and less stressful,” senior Candace Carter said. “I also wouldn’t want to risk catching the virus and bringing it home to my family.”

After Sacramento County Covid-19 cases increased in December, the county was put on a stay-at-home order on Dec. 31. As of Jan. 12, there have been 1,111 Covid-19 deaths in Sacramento County.

According to the California Department of Public Health, California’s Covid-19 death toll officially passed 30,000 on Jan. 12. After school district officials heard about the increase of COVID-19 cases, they were questioning whether it was a good idea to open schools. 

‟I know this is disappointing news,” district superintendent Steven Martinez wrote in an email to district staff. “Many of you told me how hopeful and optimistic you were when the Board of Trustees voted unanimously in October 2020 to return to in-person/hybrid learning on Jan. 19.”

 Before the most-recent decision to not return to campus, students had different perspectives about going back to Foothill.

I would feel a bit defeated, but I would also know that right now it’s not safe at all to go out,” freshman Naomi Davis said. 

“I don’t think it’s safe because it’s hitting more people now than ever,” Carter, the Foothill senior, agreed. “Tons of hospitals are full, people aren’t taking it seriously and we’re on lockdown again. I would kind of feel relieved because I don’t think it’s safe to go back at the moment due to the rising cases of COVID. Not only that, but also because of the fact that vaccines are not available to everyone yet.”

In his email, superintendent Martinez made it clear that the challenges of the pandemic are still an issue for resuming on-site classes.

‟The uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus continues to have a profound impact on all of us,” Martinez wrote. “While we remain steadfast in our commitment to return students and staff for in-person instruction, we must delay our Jan. 19 scheduled return given the most recent Sacramento County Public Health stay-at-home order due to surging COVID-19 cases.”