Seniors’ Perspective on the Most Memorable High School Year

Maria Milligan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Despite Covid-19 having an effect on students’ learning, Foothill High’s very own seniors choose to take a different approach of optimism on the new way of learning and experiencing high school.

On July 17, Gov. Newsom decided that schools would reopen based on the data from their local communities, thus moving Sacramento to online learning the following school year for students’ first semester.    

  Seniors have adapted to distance learning despite it not being the same as having in-person classes where they get to mingle and engage fully with new education experiences. Growing accustomed to the ever-changing way of current life, seniors maintain their optimism for the school year. 

“I’m looking realistically on my senior year, but I do have hope it will end well,” said senior Sarah Sernholt. 

Senior Patrick Murphy agrees.

“I have had to learn how to manage my time more appropriately and learn how to function in this new environment. With this year being a new thing, (it) brings a lot of stress, but I am enjoying this year more than I thought.” 

Cheerleader and senior ASB President, Lashaylynn Willis, has a similar outlook.

“With all the negatives of schools because of Covid-19 there were definitely some good outcomes of the situation. I’m glad I didn’t have to take the SAT/ACT,” Willis said.

“Thank God, I’ve been dreading that test since my first practice one in eighth grade.” 

However, seniors have been presented with difficulties that followed adapting to new circumstances. Social distancing has posed the problem of strained relationships, which takes a toll on the socialization crucial to the high school experience. The experiences that were once found in extracurricular activities that bring a sense of community are no longer there. 

“One of the hardest things I’ve accepted this school year was the fact that my last high school football season was my junior year,” Willis said. 

Senior Ricardo Gaitan Jr agrees. 

“I think not being able to have a normal school year where I can see my friends, ask that person to prom… Knowing that can bring a person down. I was looking forward to prom, I wasn’t able to attend last year because of Covid and now I may never get the experience.”

The promised events that come every senior year are still anticipated even though the second semester has begun still distance learning.

“Hopefully Covid lessens to the point where stuff re-opens and the senior class can go on the senior trip. If everybody wears a mask and (maintains) social distance, I am certain we can go,” Gaitan said. 

As Foothill seniors pierce through, and get ready to take on all that life has to offer, they choose to appreciate the goals they will have accomplished as high school students.  

“The thing I am most hopeful for is my future in general,” Murphy said. “High school has been my end goal for so long and now that this goal is almost accomplished, I cannot express how glad I am with moving on with my life.”