Commentary: Everything Wrong that Occurred on Jan. 6

Republicans lose in Georgia’s Senate runoff election, and former President Trump’s fan club is not happy about it.

Yareli Perez Ortiz, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As of Jan. 6, Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff have won Georgia’s Senate runoff election, meaning the U.S Senate will now be democrat-controlled. As you could have imagined, Republicans were not so happy about this. They took it upon themselves to make it be known that they disagreed with the results. 

As a mob of Trump supporters raided the Capitol building, Congress was holding a joint session to count and certify the 2020 Electoral College votes, leaving Congress members locked in the building with the mob during the lockdown.

For these protestors to selfishly put so many lives at risk is disrespectful, to say the least. They disregarded the lives of those around them by bluntly destroying objects in the Capitol building, not wearing masks in the middle of a pandemic, and even opening fire that lead to a woman being fatally shot. 

This outburst of anger from Trump supporters is embarrassing to their party, government, and nation. It’s the definition of a tantrum. They didn’t get their way and decided to take it out on those who seem to have control. 

While it might be true that they had every right to express themselves, the protest became dangerous when they began to storm a building full of Congressmen and women. It would’ve been less foolish to storm Capitol Hill for any other reason than because they lost an election. People protest for an actual cause—an injustice that affects a large group of people. That’s a valid reason to protest and ensure your voice is heard, but to raid a monumental building all because your preferred president didn’t win an election is kid-like.

What occurred on Jan. 6 is evidence that white supremacy exists. Protestors were able to get past the police force and take objects from the building. Pictures from the raid also show that multiple objects inside the building were destroyed. Any educated person knows that if it were any other race group to have done that, all police forces would have been used to stop them from entering.