Library Renovation Update


Maria Milligan/Foothill Forum

Campus pathway leading to FHS library, currently undergoing renovations

Adam Bucher, Staff Writer

The FHS library was discovered significantly vandalized for an unknown reason on the morning of Oct 2, but construction and remodeling has since commenced and is running smoothly.

As for the extensive damage to the building, Principal Heather King, librarian Emily Edmond and the rest of the school administration are keeping a positive mindset and taking this as a chance to remodel the library for when students return to campus.

“At the very beginning, I talked with Dr. Simmons about my vision for a new library,” Edmond said, “and I was involved in the library renovation committee. However, the architectural plans and the painting decisions were made without me.”

Edmond has been able to see progress being made although she can’t work from campus during this time.

“I see the library occasionally, when I walk by and look inside,” Edmond said. “The remodeling has been going well. I only see what’s happening when I poke my head in from time to time, but so far it looks great. The newly painted walls really lighten up the place.”

The inside of the library has been completely cleared out. The bookshelves, the circulation desk and the computers on the back wall are gone. 

“My office has been cleared out too. The carpet has been taken out and they are putting in new flooring,” Edmond said.

The library will have plenty of new books for students due to many of the old ones being thrown out. 

“I have total say in what books we are keeping, which books we are recycling and what new books we will purchase,” Edmond said. She says this will give a greater variety of books for students.

Edmond and the rest of the administration staff are eagerly watching the progress of the renovations. They hope to see it completed in the coming months.