Food Review: Shepherd’s Pie

D'Janae Collier, Staff Writer

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s day? Want to make a traditional Irish dish in honor of St. Patrick’s day this weekend? Well, for a good, easy-to-make traditional Irish food, you can make a shepherd’s pie. A traditional Shepherd’s pie comes from Ireland and is traditionally a baked casserole made with lamb or mutton (we’ve opted for beef instead); vegetables including peas, carrots and onions; and a mashed potato topping.

Ease of recipe: B+

For the shepherd’s pie, it does take a lot of ingredients, but they are easy to find in your local grocery store and are relatively inexpensive. In order to make this Irish dish, you will need general kitchenware including some large pans and pots, but the most important dish you need is a welcoming casserole dish that you would present at the dinner table. From start to finish, the dish will take about two hours to prepare. First step is boiling a large pot of water to put the potatoes in. While the potatoes are cooking, proceed to begin browning your ground beef in a large pan. When the beef is done browning you will transfer it to a plate and sauté the veggies in that same pan. After the veggies have just turned soft, return the beef to the pan with the veggies and stir. Checking the potatoes was fairly easy with the fork test: if the fork goes through, the potatoes are ready to mash. Finally, put the beef/veggie mixture in the casserole dish and layer the mashed potatoes on top evenly. Bake for 20 minutes or so until potatoes are lightly browned on top. This casserole is generally easy to make, but it has a few steps that involve multitasking and that can be somewhat difficult. 

Taste: A- 

I thought the taste of this casserole was great, but it didn’t have as much mashed potatoes as I would have liked. Using an extra potato or two would be recommended. Also, I would personally substitute the peas for a different type of vegetable, possibly corn, but that is for you to decide. The seasoning that it called for was perfect. When I served this dish for dinner, my family enjoyed it and had good things to say about it.

Overall: A-

This dish is not so difficult to make, and it tasted great. I would definitely consider making this again  because it is a hearty dish and provided leftovers for meal prep.

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