Rod Wave’s “SoulFly” one of best rap albums of 2021 so far

Maliq Abdullah, Staff Writer

Rod Wave has to be one of the most unique Hip Hop Artists we’ve seen in a while. His sound is so unique, that some may not even consider it to be Hip Hop. The rap game has never seen an artist who is so different and consistent in his ability to make great music. Yet he proved his style to be effective with his latest musical masterpiece “SoulFly.” 

Rod Wave has been in the music industry for over four years, but only became a well-known musician nearly two years ago with his song “Heart on Ice”. The song has racked up 150 million views on Youtube as of May 5. Since then, he has released many more hits, such as his albums “Ghetto Gospel” and “Pray 4 Love.” 

When he released his song “Street Runner,” a song on the “SoulFly” album, people knew the album was going to be great. The track quickly became the number one trending video on Youtube and now has over 31 million views. 

Unlike albums such as “Eternal Atake” by Lil Uzi Vert and “My Turn” by Lil Baby, “SoulFly” was not a very anticipated album by many. This is partly because the album was announced  less than a month before the initial release. For comparison, “Eternal Atake” was released nearly two years after the album was announced. 

Other albums competing   for the best rap album of 2021 include Drake’s “Scary Hours 2” and Lil Tjay’s “Destined to Win,” but these albums do not compare to the success that “SoulFly” has attained. As of May 3, over a month after it’s release, “SoulFly” has four songs on the Apple Music Top 100 Songs in the USA. The album was also the number one album in the world for two consecutive weeks according to Billboard.

I’d have to credit Wave’s success to his ability to combine rap and incredible vocals. One of the best examples of him executing this style perfectly is in the song “Tombstone.” He does most of the song in a mellow rap style, but then in the hook, there is a choir. The vocals of him and the choir have to be the most heavenly sound I’ve ever heard in a rap song.

“SoulFly” truly is an exceptional album that displays Wave’s God-given gift.  He was able to show that in order to be special in the music industry  today, you must be different in some way. He broke down a barrier in rap and proved how effective his style is. 

In 2021, I don’t think there will be an album that tops “Soulfly” this year. This album’s popularity will continue to grow along with Wave’s success.