New Activities Director brings enthusiasm to FHS


Manuel Cantero/Foothill Forum

Andre Villani, FHS’s Activities Director, standing outside her classroom as her students work on projects.

Modesto Dominguez, Staff Writer

Andrea Villani, FHS’s newest Activities Director, has many upcoming plans for the following school year after establishing herself this year.

Having 20 years of work experience under her belt, and working nationwide, it makes people ponder what sort of education and hardships she has endured all this time.

“I have a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Idaho in Physical Education and Health. I [also] hold a Master’s degree from California State University San Bernardino in School Administration,” Villani states.

Villani’s case on acquiring a job as the activities director is quite unique.

 “What brought me to Foothill was my husband,” Villani says. “My husband, Mr. Villani, taught here last year. He loved it so much he had m[e] apply for this job this year. It was an interesting year for sure. Having this be my first year at Foothill, it was odd to be on campus with no students and staff. It was difficult to try to figure out the culture without having anyone on campus.”

As of now, Villani has worked long and hard hours alongside her leadership team and Impact Sac, a local organization that supports student’s ideals, to bring around Foothill High’s Senior Talk Drugs and Motivations. She started the podcast with a grant provided by the district office.

 “The grant was actually developed by the district office for drug and alcohol prevention,” Villani says. “They helped bridge the gap with Impact Sac for our podcast. I just organized it and help[ed] put it together.” The podcast can currently be found on Spotify, brought to you by student body leadership and Impact Sac. 

As the school year comes to a close, Villani has several plans for the upcoming school year.

“My plans for the upcoming year is to continue to develop a solid Leadership program at Foothill High School. I would love to eventually have more than 1 section of student leadership and have activities that interest every student on this campus.”

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