FHS Film Club

Sean Grezel organizes inaugural year of film club on campus

FHS Film Club

Elizabeth Canavan, Staff Editor

Foothill’s first-ever Film Club was launched by senior Sean Grezel this year. They will be learning, analyzing, and discussing movies. 

Grezel has big ideas and plans for what he will be doing with the film club over the course of this year.

 “What we’re gonna do is start with modern blockbusters,” Grezel said, “Then we’re gonna go over big directors and kinda gradually move our way through movies, and then we get into older and older movies. … We’re watching and discussing movies, not really filming of our own.”  

The plans are to host the showings in classroom N-3.  

“Hopefully, we have a projector around, and if not I will invest in one,” Grezel said. “We can hook up a computer and some kind of DVD player because I have a bunch of DVDs”

Grezel’s club, while planned out thoroughly, is still lacking in numbers. The club is still accepting students into the roster currently. 

“I’m hoping for as many people as I can get, hopefully around 10-15,” Grezel said. “I won’t be surprised if only 5 show up”

Grezel wants this to help expand his and others knowledge of movies, and show them what they truly mean to him 

“I was hoping this would kind of help me go through the history of movies a bit better and hopefully educate some of the people here,” Grezel said  “Like, have kids come in and see movies that aren’t just for entertainment and not just something to have on when you’re doing something else.”