FHS Mustangs v. Rio Linda Knights

Two schools face off in an intense game of pigskin

FHS Mustangs v. Rio Linda Knights

Jose Castillo , Staff Editor

The Foothill Mustangs football team faced off against the Rio Linda Knights Friday, September 17  for a non-conference game hosted at Foothill High School. Although It was a non-conference game, tension remained high between both teams. 

The rivalry between Rio Linda and Foothill goes way back to the ´60s ´70s ´80s ´90s and now both sides have very competitive teams and this year seems to be a very good game,” said Kenny Kirrene, vice principal at Foothill high school who was in attendance at the game.

Under the bright lights, the outcome is determined by who’s going to outwork who. Both teams got off to intense starts on the defensive end. Great defensive efforts from both sides made it challenging for either offense to gain a feel for the game. A score of 0-0 would conclude the end of the first quarter.

At the end of the half the score was 7-0 in favor of the Rio Linda Knights. Lacking to produce any offense, the Mustangs went into the half trailing a touchdown. 

“Momentum is key right now,” Head Coach John Davis, “At the end of the day it’s a long game and there is a lot of opportunity to redeem yourself.”

Early in the third quarter, The ball carrier was tackled in their own end zone resulting in a safety, adding two points to the opposing team. Unfortunately undisciplined mistakes on the offensive side caused the Mustangs a penalty preventing the touchdown to be called in favor of the Mustangs. 

“At the end of the day it’s okay to make mistakes,” Coach Davis Said. “it is not okay to make undisciplined mistakes,”

An interception in the third quarter would seal the game for the Knights, thus shutting out the Mustangs for the remainder of the game. Overall it was an emotional and Hard fought game. There was much work left to be done and new information to be processed about how the team could improve. 

“I’m expecting to go undefeated for the remainder of the season and looking better and better every day, ” Stelee Speir said, “Our schedule isn’t going to be as challenging, as these past games haven’t been counting anyways.” 

Players and coaching staff are looking to take the game as a learning experience to develop as a group, making it easier to find ways to improve everyday.

“We’re taking a step back and learning the basics, building a foundation to improve,”  said Stelee Speir. 

Postgame, Davis talked to his team about what he saw during the game, motivating the players to stay ready and to continue playing as a team.

“Although we took a loss, we got a lot better in some areas,” Coach Davis Said. “(We are) Still looking to get the right pieces in the right areas, looking to get a couple of people that are out injured back on, but it’s next game up and we’ll continue to get better and we’re going to keep moving and keep working.” Coach Davis said.