FHS Cross Country Team

Christopher Mills leads the constantly moving Cross Country team


Benito Escobedo, Staff Writer

Christopher Mills is the head coach of Cross Country at Foothill High School during the 2021 – 2022 school year. 

Mills is the head coach, there are also two assistant coaches, Rufino Beniga and Roger Voll. Mills loves cross country and was a cross country runner in the past. 

“I started coaching cross country for the school in 2019.” Mills said “I’ve been a runner for many years, essentially coaching myself for a few years after college, and I’ve always loved the sport from my 9 years of competing.”

Mills really enjoys coaching cross country. There are a lot of positive things that can come with cross country. Cross country can impact people 

“I wanted to coach cross country because I really enjoy the competition and running.” Mills said “I had a really good coach in high school, who helped me to have a lot of success, and I want to help other runners have success as well. Running is something which can help a person’s whole well-being, physically and mentally. I enjoy helping students realize their potential in those areas.”

The runners have to prepare themselves for running cross country. Cross country is a very intense sport and requires the runners to do a lot of training. They have meets frequently to make sure they are all prepared for their future runs.

“We typically have meets on Wednesdays and Saturdays.” Mills said “The Wednesday meets started today, and will basically be every 2 weeks. Our Saturday meets are scheduled by me, as I try to choose a meet based on preparing us for something in the future, such as a hilly course, or getting them a fast time, such as on a flat course. We have 4 league meets on Wednesdays, and we have 4 invitational meets on Saturdays this year.”

Some people are scared that they’ll get injured a lot if they do cross country. The meets that they have help reduce the chance of getting injured.

“Runners get injured.” Mills said  “I know a statistic that said about 60% of all runners get injured at some point.  I tell my athletes if they have an injury, I would rather they tell me, and have them miss 3 days than to miss 3 months.  One way that we try to avoid injuries is to build mileage slowly, so to not overwork an athlete.  They also stretch after runs, which can help with preventative maintenance.  Finally, it helps to stay well hydrated, as we tend to be out in the extreme elements, and they can affect a runner’s physical status.”