The FHS Club Rush

Many students lined up at the quad for this years Club Rush

The FHS Club Rush

Q'Niyah Lubin, Staff Writer


Club Rush happened on September 16 at Foothill High School in the quad led by student club leaders and Andrea Villani, the student event director.

The event club rush occurs throughout all high schools for students to embrace new interests with their peers and become involved in communities that support, influence, respect their ideals.

“So Thursday this week will be Club rush at both lunches,” Ms. Villani said. “So the advisor and students will be at a table with a sign-up sheet and the students can go around to the different tables learn about the clubs decide if it would work for them if they it is something that they want to be a part of um as soon as they sign up they can start meeting with the clubs.”

Students complete specific qualifications to create their clubs and to have their clubs included in Club Rush. The process takes students a while to complete, but once completed, they don’t have to register their club again.

“ You have to fill out an application.” “You have to have a club advisor and you have to have a club constitution,” Ms. Villani said. “ And the club constitution basically just states what the club is, why they’re meeting, when they’re gonna meet, where they’re gonna meet and the time they’re gonna and then its has to be done by the actual student so the students really need to own the club and you just need to have a teacher to be there all the time.” School created Club Rush for club members to recruit students into their clubs and after-school activities. “ We would like to recruit as many as possible. “ Maria Milligan said “ We definitely want students to wanna be there but 20 is always a good number. “ 

Arturo Barrera, a club member from the Spanish Club explains the benefits of his club. “Our club is a culturally enriching club where we all celebrate Hispanic heritage.” Arutro Barrera said “We do events and fundraisers and at the end we get to have a fun trip so it’s pretty beneficial in that way you know.”