The New Basketball Coach

Foothill High has recently gotten a new coach to teach students the hard rules of ballin’

The New Basketball Coach

Justin Nguyen, Staff Writer

Clifton Baker was recently named the new head boys varsity basketball coach for the upcoming season at Foothill High School.

As a matter of fact Baker is returning to foothill high school and returning the favor of coaching basketball from back when he was a foothill athlete.

“I graduated in 1998,” Baker said. “My experience at Foothill was fun. The teachers were good people and the school spirit was amazing!”

One can choose to be a basketball coach easily but, choosing where to coach is the real question.

“Choosing to coach here at Foothill High School was easy,” Baker said. “I played here all four years, it’s a dream job for me.” 

Baker was always interested in coaching but recently made the decision to do it for a living.

 “I started coaching officially in 2008,” Baker said, “but I coached camps when I was in Foothill High school, so I guess coaching is always what I wanted to do. I love the competition of the game.” 

While Baker attended Foothill, he and his team accomplished many achievements, one of which being the section championship in 1997.

 “During my time here as a player, we won the Section Championship,” Baker said, “and I was an All-Conference player in Basketball and Football.”

As coaches set goals to win games there are also other goals to set for individuals.

“The goal for the season always starts with winning our own Conference,” Baker said, “but along that journey the goal is to grow as individuals and correlate life lessons with basketball.”

A big part of basketball is the shoes, it is a whole culture in itself. 

 “I’m a sneaker head,” Baker said. “Retro Jordan’s are my addiction.”