Compressed Classes

With so many students squeezing into classes, some teachers are experiencing new difficulties

Compressed Classes

Natalie Pacheco, Staff Writer

Teachers are having many substitutes and combined classes because of Covid-19 this year at Foothill High School.

Teachers are absent from school and are needing substitutes. Many of the same subjects are being combined into one class because of the lack of staff. 

ELA teacher Brett Vickers is one of the teachers whose classes were compressed.

“In my 6th period class which was for AP language, there were 14 kids in that class. They all were moved to my other AP language class, so that changed that class from having about 23 kids, now there’s 35 kids total in my AP language class in third period.”

Vickers has a lot on his hands with too many students so he was moved to another class. 

“Its a lot for AP, because you want to divide them up, move them around, get them to do group work and it’s also their writing more so its the same amount of work that I have to do in half the time and they moved me to a different classroom to acclimate them,” Vickers said. “Well that exactly, moved me to a different class that’s bigger, N13 is where they moved me for that period.”

Vickers said most of his students were already his but he is just adjusting to the new classroom conditions. 

“I mean they are all my students to begin with so I like them all and I’m happy I have them. It’s just a different classroom environment in culture when you’re starting off with these students in different groups for a few weeks and then moving together on the fourth week.”

Once Vickers classes became combined, that gave him an opportunity to meet new students and see other teachers’ teaching styles. 

“The only advantage I would say is that because I am now subbing during 6th period and covering, I get to see other students that I never taught before and get to see what other teachers are doing in their classes.”

Vickers’ has a strategic trick for teaching a compressed class. 

“Go with the flow. That’s it for me, just go with the flow.”