Back To School Blues

As the children of America flood back in to their in-person classes, some recall their experiences in quarantine


Omran Radwan, Staff Writer

Foothill high school students returned to campus in person on August 8, because the district decided to begin in-person learning due to decreases in Covid-19 infection rates.

Students obtained lots of difficulties at online studying, they began complaining about their problems due to returning to campus. They found out about their backwardness and experienced difficult times during the pandemic. 

Andie Judson, Chelsea Shannon, and Eric Escalante said, “SACRAMENTO, Calif — The new school year is just around the corner for the majority of students, teachers, and parents in the Greater Sacramento region. Across the nation, schools are deciding whether to return fully on-campus, fully online, or a combination of the two. Some parents are opting to home school their children”. 

Octavian Grecu said he would rather get back to online school to study for 4 hours and have more free time. Grecu thinks everybody should stay in distance learning to stay safe and suggested that everyone has the responsibility to test for COVID-19 which can only be the way to know whether you are infected. Grecu considered the distance between teachers for 6 feet to stop spreading the virus and should have less number of students. He views the huge change between zoom and in-person classes, but he has no problem with 7 hours of school time this is because of how in-person classes have always been. 

Because a majority of members from high schools agreed to begin learning on campus, the district decided to reopen schools on August 18. 2021. Schools considered the rules for students to decrease the COVID-19 spread, students safety and their parents. Students have to wear masks and observe the social distance. They need to test for COVID or receive the vaccine when they feel any types of symptoms in their body. 

“I would rather not get back to online school because it was the reason for multiple problems and worse grades including an uncomfortable learning situation, I think teachers have been through lots of difficulties during distance learning and their technical problems affect students negatively. I offer some better ideas for students to be vaccinated, it will stop spreading and affect lives.  But one problem I have with 7 hours of being in person is that not everyone considers the rule and doesn’t care about wearing masks in appropriate ways”. 

Said by Jordan Prerre.