Cafe In The Library?

Mrs. Tobias has big plans on opening a new, exciting cafe to the library

Cafe In The Library?

Audolina Verduzco, Staff Writer

By December, Culinary teacher Erin Tobias and her students are opening a cafe in the library to provide students work-based learning and create a better experience on campus. They already have the materials needed, and the construction for the cafe is ongoing.

Tobias plans on a cafe before December that will be available for students during first lunch, second lunch and events if the cafe ends up a success. Tobias said she hopes to create more enrichment for the school for students and staff through the cafe. In particular, Tobias hopes to provide the culinary students a fun environment to learn important skills they can use in their everyday lives.

“I really hope that kids get hands-on job skills, so they’re learning how to…work in a cafe, learning cash handling skills, learning how to make drinks, deliver drinks [and] communicate,” Tobias said. “It’s called work-based learning.”

Currently, Tobias and her classes have gathered the materials needed for the cafe.

“We already ordered all the things.” Tobias said. “We have an espresso machine in the back and an ice machine. We are just waiting for everything to get installed, then the kids will start learning how to make the drinks and we’re going to do taste tests.”

The grade levels involved in the cafe will vary, but for the most part kept within the culinary students.

“All of my catering and production students… [are] required to work in the cafe..and then a couple Culinary one students will have an opportunity…and then those kids that volunteer,” Tobias said.

She already has experience with running a school cafe.

“I actually worked on two other campuses where I had cafes so I run the coffee shop in other schools,” Tobias said. “It’s great. The teachers love it, the kids love it, everybody loves it. It’s a good opportunity.”

While the cafe isn’t opened yet, Tobias already has a menu in mind

“The menu can be simple and we will do some…holiday things,” Tobias said. “I want to try to get creative with figuring out what teachers’ favorite drinks are and then naming the drinks after teachers.”