COVID-19 Policies In School

Students give their opinion on mask policies


Mordecai Ray, Editor-In-Chief

Required COVID-19 policies at Foothill High School have been enacted for students in order to return to school in 2021. In September, we asked students questions about their opinions and thoughts about these policies because we at the Foothill Forum wanted to better understand what the students had to go through everyday. 

“I thought it would be tiring to wear it,” freshman Julianna Mendoza said, “because I, from experience, when I had to wear it throughout the day, it made me feel like I lost breath easily and it had been kind of hard to breathe.”

Although this had been the initial thought of many students, most of them have gotten used to wearing the mask constantly due to the regulations that had to take place to prevent getting COVID-19.

“I honestly thought that I was going to be tired,” senior student Nia McNeal said, “but the teachers kept being adamant about it, so I thought to myself, ‘Okay, I will keep it on.’” 

Some students had to wear masks around the school campus, but some students were afraid more of how they would look to their friend groups or to their teachers.

“My thoughts were about how I would look to other people,” freshman Sahil Safi said, “it wasn’t really much of functioning right, it was more like how I would seem to someone.”

With the policies in place, students and teachers alike can stay safe. But, those who had been going to the school for many years have a hard time being able to recognize their favorite teachers or their friends because of the mask policies.

“I feel like it is a little hard to recognize a person when they have their mask on,” Mendoza said, “and the fact that you are going around in public with other people, the point of the mask is to reduce the risk of getting COVID-19.”

Students are always relieved to get home to take the mask off for the rest of the day. But, in order to do normal festivities nearby, students outside of school must still wear the mask on a constant basis.

“My mom is not really strict on the mask policy,” McNeal said, “she just reminds me all the time, ‘Be sure you take your mask with you.’ It’s a precautionary kind of thing.”