Baby Mustangs


Elizabeth Canavan, Staff Editor

Numerous teachers at Foothill Highschool have had babies within the past year.

Kayla Mohr, a math teacher at Foothill High School speaks on how many children she has as well as her new one.  

“I am enjoying the time I get to spend with my new son Robert, and my 2 other sons, William and Jameson,”Mohr said.

Mohr talks about her other responsibilities outside of teaching, being a parent and how excited she is to get back to school.  

“I am also the cheer coach so I have been around campus and the football games to support my cheerleaders,” Mohr said. “I have seen students who have kept me updated on what’s going on. I also hear from my other teachers who help with my class.”

Many teachers have different ways of parenting, like a teacher with their students. 

“Positive reinforcement: giving attention to behavior that I like and ignoring behavior I do not like.” Mohr said

Daniela Barajas, an English teacher, had her baby last year and tells us how that has been going. 

“My baby was born March 27, 2021. She was actually 10 days early, her original due date was April 6th and she came 10 days early, her name is Isabella.”Barajas said 

Barajas explains how she personally feels like a teacher with her child. 

“I mean, yes, I definitely do feel like a teacher,” Barajas said. “More of like a role model and she is a baby close to 7 and a half months, so we just started introducing solid food to her, so I’ve been teaching her how to grab the food and teaching her how to drink water from a small cup her size has been fun because I give her the cup and she spills the water.”

Huynh Rahardja is a science teacher at Foothill and is getting ready to have her baby.

“My expected due date is March 18, 2022.” Huynh Rahardja said, “and we can’t wait to meet our baby girl.”

Rahardja tells us how she will now be managing her time and the new baby that is coming. 

“All I know is that the baby girl will come first. I will have to get my priorities rearranged but I get that work you know is also important but at the same time,” Rahardja said. “I really don’t know but I will try my best to manage and juggle all the things I have going on.” 

She explains her personal beliefs on how a teacher is defined and what it would mean as a parent. 

“It’s very subjective how you define a teacher, I think for me a teacher can also be a friend, I think a teacher could also be a role model, they could also be a kind of learning facilitator,” Rahardja said. “And I for sure, do I feel like a teacher could also be some kind of mentor, but in this case, it could be a parent at the same time.”