Review: The Batman

Review: The Batman

Ciara Munoz, Staff Writer

The new Batman movie came out in theaters on March 4, 2022. Like all the other Batman movies, this one was quite the movie. The movie is about a superhero-based film where batman fights villains/ his rivals, but he ends up setting up bombs around Gotham city that flooded it. But as the movie progresses, Batman (Robert Pattinson) has to save “Bella Royale” (New mayor of Gotham City) and other civilians as well. The movie is a very eye-catching and interesting movie to watch, it has action, funny parts, etc.

This Batman was better than any other one in my opinion. It had great actresses that played their part very well. It had twists and turns in it so you wouldn’t lose interest in the movie, the action was there all the way. As the first part had me shocked at how Batman almost blow up the city by bombing it. Then Bella Royal ended up getting kidnapped, so Batman went out of his way to get her and that was amazing.

Batman also went to visit the Penguin in prison and also writes to him every chance he gets. Penguin ends up saying that Batman is the world’s greatest detective. And had an illusion that they were great fighting partners. Batman had to fight the “Gang”  that was people with the same faces as the Joker on a train where he ended up finding them. As he beat them all down the left and didn’t come by where he did his dirty work. 

At the end of the movie, Batman ended up having the Riddler (Paul Dano) put into jail and then making new plans to build a new “Gotham City” all over again since almost all the bad people are dead or not showing their faces around any time soon. I would give this movie 20/20 because the actors played their parts well, everything in the movie made sense, and it has an amazing start from the beginning to the end. I do recommend this movie for everybody to watch and you will not regret it.