Review: Elden Ring

Review: Elden Ring

Nicolas Anderson, Staff Writer

     Elden Ring is the newest title from the creators of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro From Software. Their games are known for being incredibly frustrating but also some of the most satisfying to master games ever made. It’s only been a few weeks since its release and it’s already being considered a top pick for game of the year. Now the real question is does the game live up to the hype?  I think it depends on what type of games you like. If you like From Software’s other games then yes definitely yes even. But if you haven’t the best I can do is explain why the game is good and maybe you’ll pick it up.

Elden Ring is set in a massive open world known as the lands between and none of it locked off to the player. Very similar to The Legend Zelda Breath Of The Wild I think more open world games should do this. It lets the player experience the game at their own pace.On the topic of the world the lands between is a very mysterious setting the colors of the landscape are very drab and gray.  

Much like previous From Software games Elden Ring is fantasy action RPG that’s a lot closer to Dark Souls gameplay wise this both having an emphasis on agility in combat. Normal enemies attack a lot slightly slower than you do but they are more likely to travel in packs. This is very dangerous because even the weakest enemy types aren’t afraid to gang up on you. You also have to be careful about when and how many times you attack because you can’t cancel mid way through an attack to dodge so getting carried away and wailing on enemies will get you killed. 

 The music of this game is also great. It’s a great balance between some of the more unnerving ambiance tracks of Bloodborne’s soundtrack for the open world and the grand choirs and orchestras of dark souls for the bosses.It also helps that most of the bosses tower over you, the music makes you feel like you’re overcoming massive. I think I’ve had a pretty good time playing Elden Ring, I think it’s a strong 8/10.