Situation of Traveling To The United States


Shahram Kazimi, Staff Writer

 The security situation in Afghanistan was very bad and my life was in danger because my father was working with the American forces and the Afghan tourist group did not like it and they would kill anyone who worked with the American forces and the educational situation. It was not good in Afghanistan either, and even the tourist attack on Kabul University was very bad. The educational situation in Afghanistan was very bad and we decided to come to America because my father was working with American forces and our lives were in danger and we went to America.

   I came because it was difficult to come to the United States, it took a very long time, and two months after I made our decision, the Afghan government fell and fell to the Taliban. The security situation was very bad. The situation in Badran was very bad and our family and I went to the airport with the case we had with my uncle who had a USA passport and allowed us to enter Kabul airport and after waiting for 12 hours at Kabul airport, our family and my uncle. Marine forces enter the terminal and go to Barco. We were handcuffed and taken to military planes and taken to a camp in Qatar. We were taken there and spent the night in a US military camp in Qatar, and the next day again in a Qatari plane to a military camp. The Americans came to Germany in all the camps. 

   It was a good possibility and then the next day we flew to Washington DC and after a few hours we flew to Washington DC and we were very happy to finish our work in Washington DC Square. I was taken to a dormitory by bus and our whole family was very happy, and the next day we were taken to Fort McCoy Borden, Wisconsin, in a very beautiful place. I was on all sides. I found it and it was very pleasant for me to wake up in the morning, to sleep in the morning, to play football and soccer with my military friends after lunch and after dinner, and our work was going on.

We were in Camp Wisconsin for three months and it was very dependent on that. After finishing our work, we came to California, USA through the IOM office, and at my uncle’s airport, which is here. Nedegi followed us and we were very happy because our life was easy and my uncle had prepared a lot for us to come and someone from Scrumonto my uncle went to San Francisco for fun that day. I was very happy and I was flying in happiness. A month ago, when we came from Camp Fort McVeigh, we lived in my uncle’s house and our work was going on. 

  After a month, we came home and we were happy, and after two weeks, our schools started, and I was very happy when I came to school. I liked the lessons at this school very much and I was happy because I was able to continue my education in one of the best schools in America and I was very happy and I am and now I am very happy with my family.=