Commentary: Pranks on April Fool’s Day

Commentary: Pranks on April Fools Day

Demareale Thompson, Staff Writer

Do you feel like Foothill high should allow students to pull pranks on their peers at school? Where is the line drawn between prank and, let’s say, harassment? In a perfect world, we would allow students to pull harmless parks, but do we think that students are not going to take it too far? 

I think that some pranks should be allowed but only when its safe, not harmful, not bullying or not damaging property. 

Some people would say that a good prank is pushing the limit if all done in good faith that it doesn’t matter if it is considered bullying, vandalism or gets people hurt because it’s a prank so it should be taken lightly because its all in good faith . 

Students should only be allowed to pull some pranks if they are safe because if its an unsafe it can lead to people getting harmed and it’s supposed to be all fun and games. We don’t want anyone to get harmed in the process of someone pulling an unsafe prank.

If we want to give students a fun and joyful high school experience we need to allow them to pull safe pranks to show their school spirit and to have positive interactions with their peers. 

If we let students have too much leverage, these pranks can get out of our control and it can turn into a disaster, its going to be like give a kid a stick that’s on fire and letting them run around with it if we let these pranks get out of hand not only is going to be hurt people we can possibly have damaged property so we should make sure these are safe pranks and probably supervise the students that are pulling pranks so that we are not have any injuries or our school on fire.

Therefore, based on all the evidence, only some pranks should be allowed at school if they are safe, and done in good taste.

So, Foothill students, come pull some pranks but make sure they are not going overboard, crossing any lines cause you don’t want to ruin it for future pranksters.