Sports Player Profile: Anestaysia McElroy

Sports Player Profile: Anestaysia McElroy

Josiah Arrington, Staff Writer

From an early age, sophomore Anestaysia McElroy knew she was talented. She played volleyball when she was young. Now as she grows older, she feels like she can take on the bigger challenge like trying out for the Foothill High JV girls(Junior Varsity) volleyball team.

As soon as made the team she was named captain of the Foothill High JV girls volleyball team. She knew what she had to do as a captain to drive her team to victory, it just so happened that she and her team lost a lot of games and didn’t end up qualifying to play in the Section Division. With that being said McElroy gives her reason on why she thinks she was a good captain.

 “I was a good captain. I was friends with everyone on the team. We always had fun. I was making everyone laugh. And like when we need to be serious. I was being serious. So I feel like I was a fit captain” McElroy said. 

She was really proud of her team as a whole because they all really have improved a lot throughout the season. When the season first started as a team they were not very good, but throughout the season she has seen that they all improved on some of their weaknesses. On the other hand, her favorite part about last season was their last game, she states, “We were all really excited and hype and we played so good and we didn’t go out without a fight.” 

Also, McElroy hints at what she has done to improve her teams as a captain, she implies that she was a little more understanding because at first, she was very firm and kind of bossy.

 “Somebody needed to have that iron fist in the situation”, McElroy said.