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2020-2021 Staff

Amaryana Crutchfield

Amaryana Crutchfield

Senior. DOB: 04/06/03. I want to be a mechanic. I like to read, I am a night owl, and I like to laugh.

Deana Munoz

Sophomore. DOB: 10/25/05. My life goals are to move to the UK and become a therapist or special needs teacher. I am unlabeled , I am 5'6 and I go by any pronouns.

Shaevon Abdullah

Senior. DOB: 05/21/03. My life goals are to graduate high school and have a successful career. I'm smart, I play football, and I'm 6'3.

Briana Shelvin

Briana Shelvin

Freshman. DOB: 01/30/06. I have many life goals that I want to achieve but my main one is to get accepted into a good college. My career goal is trying to get into the entertainment business or becoming an architect....

Marlene Espinosa

Senior. DOB: 01/16/03. My career goals are to graduate from a 4 year college and become a radiology technician. I’m very outgoing, have a great sense of humor and am an optimistic/persistent person. ...

Adam Bucher

Sophomore. DOB: 03/20/05. My overall life goals are to finish college, then get a good, sustainable job. I would like to create a family and hopefully buy a nice house. My career goals are to continue with my architec...

Chance Brown

Freshman. DOB: 10/08. My life goals are to go to college and travel the world. I'm a good group member, a great cook, and I can't swim.

Marian Raya Paredes

Senior. DOB: 10/07/03 My life goals are to travel as often as I can, be financially stable, and start my own business. I've never had a pet, I listen to any type of music EXCEPT country, and I'm Mexican. ...

Andrea Cooper

Sophomore. DOB: 10/09/05. My life goals are finishing high school and college, getting the most that I can out of life, like traveling, learning a new language, etc. My career goal is to be a therapist or psychologi...

Maria Milligan

Maria Milligan

Junior. DOB:  12/19/03 My life goals are to be a better Christian, to help people as much as I can, whenever I can, and to make a difference in the world. My career goals are to either work a job science-oriented be...

Esmatullah Mohmand

Senior. DOB: 10/01/03 My life goal is to be a successful businessman and a lawyer.

Mashallah Maghsoudi

Mashallah Maghsoudi

Senior. DOB: 7/13/02 My life goal is to become a doctor.

Yareli Perez Ortiz

Yareli Perez Ortiz

Senior. DOB: 09/20/03. Life goals: to make my parents proud and to live a great life full of adventures. Career goals: to become a great journalist/reporter. I'm a Virgo, I love photography and I aspire to travel t...

Derek B.

Derek B.

Freshman DOB: 10/30. My career goal is to be a therapist or psychiatrist. I am a part of the LGBTQ+ community. I do art in many forms including digital art, traditional drawing, painting, and more. I like to expr...

Maliq Abdullah

Junior. DOB: 07/06. One of my life goals is to be my own boss. I play football, I ride jet skis, and I love winter.

Jamie Knight

Sophomore. DOB: 10/27/05. I would like to graduate high school, go to college, get a job, and travel the world when I'm older. I like to read, paint, and I love going swimming.

Gurdeep Singh

Gurdeep Singh

Junior. DOB: 11/08/04. My life goals are to become a lawyer and to give my parents the best life possible. One fact about me is I like basketball, and another facts about me is I like to eat. Lastly the most impor...

Andrew Sillett

Freshman. DOB: 04/14/06. One of my goals is to plant a tree. I play a lot of video games, eat a lot of popcorn and don't sleep that much.

Trevor Beller

Junior. DOB: 5/24/2004. I'd like to set forth in a career in graphic design, and I'd like to be an artist for life. I'm a visual artist, my favorite color is purple, and I love short comics. ...

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